Before we never knew that by entering level 2 & 3 data that we could qualify for lower interchange rates. Also they have a fantastic system that tells us which cards qualify and automatically passes the correct data before the transaction settles. Thank you!! This saved our company over $30k annually.

We understand Business to Business

(and Business to Government)

Visa has created a special B2B or B2G interchange category that offers lower processing rates on all Visa commercial, purchasing and government credit card transactions for selected industry's. The B2B rate is over 1/2 percent lower than the normal processing rates offered to other industrys. We will evaluate your business and see if we can categorize you in an eligible industry type. The B2B rate will reduce your monthly processing fees by an average of 10-20%. When processing large average tickets transactions over $5000, we can help you reduce your interchange fee even more!

Large Ticket Card Processing

Many businesses that sell B2B need to process credit card payments that average over $5,000 per transaction. The Card Associations (Visa) have specific interchanges that address these requirements which minimizes the costs of processing theses transactions, often overlooked by processors when they set up your account. We will not overlook this important information. Businesses that qualify in this category often process transactions capturing level 2 and level 3 data for corporate and government cards. Level 2 data is designed to support B2B credit card transaction, since the majority of the cards accepted in this environment are corporate cards. Level 3 data is designed to support business-to-business and business-to-government payment processing, the majority of the cards accepted in this environment are corporate and government cards. Let our expertise help save you money.

    Examples of Level 2 Data include:
  • » Standard Information - credit card number & expiration data, billing address, zip code & invoice number
  • » Customer Code - is not required but encouraged to be captured
  • » Sales tax amount separate from the total transaction
    Examples of Level 3 Data include:
  • » Level 2 data PLUS the following
  • » Duty amount, if applicable
  • » Product/Item ID (product/service)
  • » Product/Item description
  • » Product Quantity
  • » Product/Item amount
  • » Unit of measure

Regardless of the size of your business,

we can offer the best solutions and help you lower your processing rates. It's really that simple.

From Single to Multi-Lane locations we have the expertise to help you and your business.

Processing payments is just the beginning

We provide secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of specialized businesses including:

  • » Retail Processing
  • » Interntet/Mail/Phone Order
  • » Restaurant/Fast Food
  • » Wireless/Mobile Processing
  • » Business to Business/Government
  • » Petroleum
  • » Non-Profit Orgainizations
  • » Emerging Market
  • » Hotel/Lodging
  • » Supermarkets

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