There are honest, transparent credit card processors out there. It only took over a decade to find them.

We understand your struggle

We founded to help other businesses with the struggle we faced periodically over a decade in running our own business.

From time to time we would look at our statements and feel like we were paying too much. This would lead to searching for better "rates", which we always seemed to find but never seemed to keep. If you think you're paying too much for card processing now, you probably are.

Each time we ended up with supposedly great "rates", but on a tiered system which means we could never completely understand our statements or why some of our transactions were falling into certain groups. It was always a frustrating experience until we finally learned to understand the credit card industry and realized there was an alternative.

Understanding Interchange

Briefly, Interchange and assessments are the fees set by Visa/Mastercard and are the same for all businesses, no matter how large or small. No processor can change these fees, period. The interchange rates can be found directly on the Visa/Mastercard web sites and vary based on processing method, business type, card type and other variables. Example found Here. Don't be confused by how extensive this list seems, but know a couple of facts. These are not negotiable, everyone that processes credit cards pays them, and transactions in the same category carry the same rates and fees for everyone regardless of the size of the business or processor.

With tiered plans, your transactions get grouped together into "bundles" with terms like qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified. Groups of 30 or more interchange rates can be bundled into a single group, of course at the highest applicable rate, providing a higher markup for the processor and keeping you in the dark about the fees you are paying.

How we are different

We will pair you with a plan with true interchange pricing, which you see on your statement every month. In addition to the interchange and assessment there of course is add a small markup which is the part of the equation that goes to the processor and our quote will reveal exactly how much that is. You will find this transparent, honest pricing and statement to reflect the best possible savings for your company, and the processor markup to be lower than you expect. You will know exactly how much you are paying and for what. That is what transparent and honest pricing with no confusing bundles is all about.

There is no obligation to accept a quote, so please take 3 minutes to fill out our Contact Form - Click Here. That 3 minutes could save your business 30% based on industry averages. Give us the opportunity to show you how we can help your business save money.