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The process of finding and choosing a credit card processor for your company can be daunting. If you are already accepting credit cards, chances are you are paying too much. We are here to help.

Did You Know that Visa has created a special B2B (Business to Business) interchange category that offers lower processing rates on all Visa commercial, purchasing and government credit card transactions for selected industry's?

Now you do!

We Understand Business to Business

Business to Business customers process primarily through card-not-present transactions.

If you sell business to business, we understand this. We also understand the credit card processing industry and how to structure your account so you keep more of your hard earned money. Did you know that how your account is set up and categorized can dramatically affect your rates? We can effectively offer you the best services, with honest, transparent pricing.

Let us prove it to you with a no-obligation full disclosure quote. Contact us today!

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